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    Antica Tagliatelle

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      Antica Tagliatelle




      Fresh egg pasta laminated with a cylinder. The typical flat shape (6mm) is usually done in the domestic preparation. The surface of the product is slightly porous thanks to the technique of production and this allows the pasta to better “catch” the sauce. "What is natural is good“: a simple, yet strong, statement. Antica Pasteria has always been different from all similar products, thanks to its strong commitment to consumers, represented by the "Naturally Italian“ concept: 100% durum wheat semolina, for the best “al dente” texture Only free range eggs Absolutely NO added preservatives, NO hydrogenated fats, NO flavor enhancer, NO artificial aromas This gave birth to a full range of top quality fresh filled and plain pasta, ready meals and sauces, all with a simple but unique taste, keeping the original ingredients' freshness and flavor, to give consumers all the pleasure of nature.