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    Antica Pasteria Cheese Tortell

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      Antica Pasteria Cheese Tortell




      Fresh egg pasta filled with the finest quality fresh ingredients, such as typical Italian cheese: mozzarella and ricotta and Emmental. The filling, having a particular taste of its own, enables people to get distinguished first courses only adding melted butter. "What is natural is good“: a simple, yet strong, statement. Antica Pasteria has always been different from all similar products, thanks to its strong commitment to consumers, represented by the "Naturally Italian“ concept: 100% durum wheat semolina, for the best “al dente” texture Only free range eggs Absolutely NO added preservatives, NO hydrogenated fats, NO flavor enhancer, NO artificial aromas This gave birth to a full range of top quality fresh filled and plain pasta, ready meals and sauces, all with a simple but unique taste, keeping the original ingredients' freshness and flavor, to give consumers all the pleasure of nature.